Goose Technology

Nicolás Díaz – Regional Account Manager – Goose Technology

I have been in the industry since 2016 working as an Account Manager in different business areas. Overall, my experience rounds around linear and non-linear straming services, OTT, VOD and IPTV. I have coordinated integrally the creation and launching of new products, built business strategies of several of them and implemented new processes designed to enhance the service experience from the business and the end user POV.
Since 2019, I have been Regional Account Manager in Goose Technology. In this role, I have been in charge of new market development and client acquisition in several regions including Latin America, Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Great part of what we have done in Goose is to develop a SaaS solution aimed to democratize the access to a comprehensive video service platform with abundant features, cloud-based with global coverage plus a quick time-to-market and whithout the need of a millionaire investmet. Targeting strategic partners on each country have allowed us to enter the market with an end-to-end solution that already comes with content, the key aspect of this industry, which has been my main task. Moreover,identifying the particular pain points of each market so we can constantly improve integrally our platform to always provide the best serive that fits the needs of each one of our clients and partners.