Vibra (Band)

Ticiani Aguiar – Head of Technology – Vibra (Band)

Ticiani Aguiar Almeida is Head of Technology at Vibra, a Grupo Bandeirantes company focused on digital business. Journalist and passionate about technology, she combines her technical knowledge with her communication skills. With a postgraduate degree in Information Architecture, Usability, Software Engineering and Data Science, she is currently leading the development, UX and Data teams.

Allen Chahad – Head of Product – Vibra (Band)

Allen Chahad is Head of Product at Vibra, the Grupo Bandeirantes digital strategist company. A journalist by training, he has 20 years of experience in the market, always connected to the mission of promoting digital transformation. He was a reporter, editor, coordinator and content manager for Terra Networks. At radio Jovem Pan he was content director for digital platforms. And at Grupo Bandeirantes, he served as integration coordinator and editor at Jornalismo TV before participating in the creation of Vibra.